What is the technical requirement to be a mentee?

We encourage everyone who knows how to code to do the coursework in our How To Prepare section and apply. We are looking for people who have done some programming projects. You can show that to us by using your resume. 

I am pursuing a Masters. Can I still apply?

Yes, as long as you have credits pending from your current program by the Summer of 2020, you will be elegible. This means if you are in your first or second year of a regular four years degree or in the senior year of a four year program but with intention of starting a Masters during fall of 2019.

Am I guaranteed to get an internship at Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. if I get selected for this mentorship program?

No. You are guaranteed to get a referral in one of these companies. This means that you will very likely get an interview for an internship, and we will prepare you for it. But you have to put in the work, and complete the interview by yourself :)

If I get the internship, what costs do I have to cover? What if I get selected for this program?

Nothing. Companies will pay for all transportation, accommodation and will give you a salary on top of that. They will also take care of VISA logistics. Additionally, this program is completely free as our mentors are volunteers.

What if I didn't get enough time to study or to prepare? 

We encourage everyone to apply as the code challenge will be anonymous. We will not be looking at applicants that did not pass the minimal tests. However, if you observe what the coding challenge looks like, you will get more information about the recruiting process and what is expected of you. You will be able to use that knowledge later on.

Would it be possible for me to return to the U.S. after an internship?

It will depend on VISA status. At the end of your internship, the company will decide whether to extend you a full time offer or not. If VISA does not work, they will offer an European office. After that, there are options to come back to U.S. offices.

Can I help out?

Yes, sure! If you think that there is anything you can add, help with or want to look for a possible collaboration, shoot us a message

I am not studying Computer Science or Telecommunications Engineering, can I apply? 

If it is a similar field, yes you can.