Selection Process

Our 2019 Application is now closed. The first step will consist of submitting the application once it opens. After that, we will send you a link to a code challenge. Last, a phone call - all in English.

We understand that right now, you might not be able to solve algorithms or data structure problems. That's what we are here for! Go to How to Prepare to get more details.


The What


6 weeks mentorship from Software Engineers at Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon...

Our goal is to offer Software Engineers padawans the possibility of obtaining an internship in Silicon Valley.

6 interview-prep mentorship sessions

Students will have six sessions with our mentors. In these, the mentor will mock interview the mentee, provide feedback, go over their resume...

Internship Referral 

At the end of the mentorship, mentor will refer the student for an internship.

The How

Students will do their pre-work

March & April 2019

Students will learn the basics to be able to solve code challenges. Refer to our Coursework section for more details!

Application opens!

May 1st 2019

Application will open until May 30th. Students will fill a form, submit their resume and then solve a code challenge. We promise anyone who is passionate and does the pre-work will be able to get selected :) 

Students selected announcement

June 21st 2019

Sadly, we have limited capacity given that we will have limited mentors. We will select the most promising candidates!

Mentorship sessions kick-off!

July & August 2019

Let the interview training begin! Mock interviews, resume review, feedback and more feedback.

Mentor will refer mentee

End of August 2019

At the end of the mentorship, mentor will submit a referral for the student to obtain an internship at their company for Summer 2019.

Internship starts

Mid June 2020

The Who

Computer Science Student or Similar

Only students that are returning to college after Summer 2019 (graduating end of 2019 or later). We are targeting Computer Science, Telecommunication Engineering students or related. The criteria to obtain an internship in top tech companies enforces this policy.

No Financial Requirements

No VISA or financial requirements needed. That's why we are choosing top tech companies, so they will take care of everything for you

Coder, but No Previous Work Experience Needed

The pre-work material is designed for people that might not have work experience. However, knowing how to code will be required. Take a look at our Coursework section for details!

Desire of Success

We want people motivated enough to put in the work necessary on top of their regular college activities. We understand that you have exams, homework... that's why if you do your homework regularly, it should be feasible to combine

What can you expect from us


You won't have to pay a penny for what we will give you.


We will give you some material and study guidelines. This knowledge will be super helpful by the time you have to start interviewing after graduation. This material is available to everyone! 

6 mentorship sessions from a Top Tech Company Software Engineer.

Throughout these weeks, we will polish your resume, advise you, and give you interview training. This will highly increase your chances to obtain an internship in Silicon Valley. Top Tech Company = Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram...

Top Tech Company Referral

This means that you will likely get an interview with them for an internship. And don't worry, we have backups ;)

What are we expecting from you

Programming knowledge

You should have programming knowledge, have done some projects... as the initial selection process will be a code challenge. We recommend you to go to the How to Prepare section, start our coursework and assess yourself.

Spanish Nationality & Graduating after Summer 2019.

You need to be in College by the time you do your internship during Summer 2019. 

Speak English fluently

We are looking for people who will be capable enough to work in English. That's why, if you pass the code challenge, we will do an English phone screen. Moreover, mentorship sessions will be in English. We will not request English certificates, as you might not have one, but applicants should still be able to speak the language fluently.

Homework doer

We know that you have exams and projects, however, preparation for the coding challenge + interview process takes time. We will expect you to continue preparing throughout the mentorship process. We promise, if you put in the extra work, the results will be extremely rewarding.